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We've managed a couple dozen GBv10 specific entries (note: many of the older entries have been updated for version 10), and the vast majority of them offer Minute GarageBand videos, most in the 1-2 minute range so they're tight and quick to view, but packed with information!


GarageBand version 10 (yes, it's newer than GarageBand '11, go figure) is out. We're adding a section to the top of the FAQ devoted strictly to the vastly different new version of GB. We're going to create as many videos as we can so you can easily see how things work, but these take time to get right, so check back often, we're updating as quickly as we can! B-)> (Follow us on Twitter T logowitter to get the latest info: @BulletsAndBones)


We're adding videos to accompany the FAQ entries. Each one takes several hours to record and edit, so we hope to have a couple of new ones added each week, and are planning to add them to as many entries as is possible. As each entry receives a video you'll find a Video Tutorial icon icon before it in the FAQ index.

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