I strive very hard to make sure things are accurate, and to the best of my knowledge anything that isn't goofy is. However I can't guarantee that everything is 100% correct, the sources I use for my research may be flawed. Do your own research to back anything up, I make no warranty, either express or implied as to the suitability of any software, hardware, or technique to your particular circumstances (but I'll do my best to help if I can).

Any advice I give to musicians is based on lots of Real World experience. Software and or Hardware that I recommend are things that I've either used myself, had friends recommend, or read about, and I believe them to be good choices. I would _never_ try to steer someone towards something I didn't think was right for them. I'm a musician that loves music, and loves to see other people enjoying music they create. If I can help them do what they want to do by buying something for $25, or perhaps even using what they already have, I will never suggest something more expensive for any type of personal gain.

That said, I am an Amazon associate as well as a Zzounds Associate, and purchases made through the links I provide to these retailers earn me a small commission. With any luck the few dollars I might make will offset some of the costs of running this site. I would very much appreciate anyone making a purchase through this site, but as I said above, I'll always try to point you towards the right product for your situation and not try to get you to buy more than you need.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone that helps support the Bullets and Bones band, and this site!

Disclosure & Disclaimer

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