Mp3 Song Samples

Below you can select any song to hear a sample of it (samples ranges from 0:40 to 1:21 in length), or select the "Listen to All Songs" link which has all the song samples in a single Mp3.

Naturally the quality of these suffer since they have been compressed down to Mp3, but they should be good enough quality for you to get a feel for the songs.

The styles vary from Southern Rock'ish to Hard Rock'ish, and many points in between. Check out the All Songs link to hear them all play in a row.


  1. Listen to All Songs (All the song samples, besides the alt takes, in one Mp3 file)
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  2. Real World

  3. Long While

  4. Can't Complain

  5. Shine

  6. Intermission

  7. Kicking a can

  8. I Don't Know

  9. Train

  10. High Rider

  11. Suzy

  12. A Southern Thang


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Mp3 Samples