Blackfoot is sadly a somewhat obscure and under-rated band, and I'm not sure why. Their mix of seriously hard rocking guitars, driving rhythm section and Ricky Medlock's screaming vocals make Blackfoot what should be a force to be reckoned with, and hopefully you'll take a listen and agree.

Scroll down past the album listings for a history of the band.

If you're not a Blackfoot fan, then this is without a doubt the first album you should buy! Opening up with the smoking Road Fever, slipping into an awesome cover of I've got a Line on You, drifting into the soulful Left Tune on a Red Light there isn't a loser on this album, and I haven't even mentioned the blistering Wishing Well, the driving Train Train or the incredible 7 minute Highway Song. Buy this album!





46 minutes of live, kick your bottom, must have Blackfoot! Great Raw energy. If you're a fan of live recordings, buy this album!






I bought this album just for Fox Chase, and wound up liking the whole thing, hard driving Rock and Roll that "keeps you stompin' your feets"






" 'Strikes' gets all the attention but "Marauder" is Blackfoot's finest and most consistent work. There is not one wasted note on this entire cd. It's one of the rarest and hardest things to find in music - a complete album without a filler song, without one moment that makes you wince, without a single flaw. I could sit here and talk about the songs one by one but really, it'd be a waste of time because they're all excellent. --D. Thorpe




Blackfoot are a Southern rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. They were formed in 1972 and were contemporaries of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and tried for years to make it as a Southern rock band, although they were more popular as a hard rock outfit. They had a number of hit albums in the 70's and early 80's before their popularity started to wane; they had broken up by 1984.

Vocalist Ricky Medlocke revived the name in 1987 with a new backing group. In 1996 Medlocke disbanded the group, and joined Lynyrd Skynyrd.

In 2004 a second resurrection of Blackfoot took place with founder members Jackson Spires, Greg Walker and Charlie Hagrett. Medlocke was not available however and the frontman role was given to Bobby Barth (ex-Axe). Tragedy struck in March 2005 when Spires died suddenly of an aneurysm, but the band decided to persevere for the time being.

Band Members
Rick Medlocke - Vocals/guitars
Jackson Spires - Drums/vocals
Greg T. Walker - Bass/vocals
Charlie Hagrett - Lead guitar
Ken Hensley - Keyboards
Shorty Medlocke - Grandfather of Ricky appeared on a number of tracks.

"No Reservations" (1975)
"Flying High" (1976)
"Blackfoot Strikes" (1979)
"Tomcattin'" (1980)
"Marauder" (1981)
"Highway Song Live" (1982)
"Siogo" (1983)
"Vertical Smiles" (1984)
"Ricky Medlocke And Blackfoot" (1987)
"Medicine Man" (1990)
"After The Reign" (1994)
"Live On The King Biscuit Flower Hour" (1999) ---Wikipedia


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