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Some years back a friend of mine named Joe Antonucci sketched out a drawing for use as a logo in the band in which I was playing at the time:

Desert Rider

Some may recognize the inspriation for his drawing as coming from an old Dave Mann print, Ghost Rider. Joe's drawing, in turn, later inspired me to create this cover art:

Bullets and bones original album art

And this became the inspiration for the album.

I pondered what this guy riding through the desert was like, and the first song, High Rider was born. The music and lyrics were done in one evening in a previous band, and was only performed live with that group. The next song, the actual beginning to the making of this album, became the closer for the album: A Southern Thang. These two songs set the theme for the album, and after sitting down with a keyboard and writting Can't Complain, even though the songs were written out of order, I could feel the whole concept coming together.

High Rider was the first song Bullets and Bones recorded, followed by Can't Complain, using a simple 2-channel interface, these recordings can be heard as the bonus instrumentals on the album. When we upgraded out recording software we also moved up to an 8-channel interface


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Desert Rider

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