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Q. How do I make GarageBand's digital readout display Absolute Time instead of Measures?
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For GB1 For GB2
A. To the left of the numbers in the digital display in these older ersions of GarageBand is a small note icon. To the left of that is a faint clock icon, click there to have the display show time. Click the note icon to display measures again. For newer versions...

For GB3 For iLife '08 GB09
In GarageBand 3 (and later) the grid will also change to display time, and since version 3 Snap To Grid does not work when in Time view.

iLife '08 GB09 iLife '11 GarageBand version 10 icon
GarageBand '08 (And Later) have a popUp menu in the left-hand portion of the digital display, one of the selections is "Time" which will show your project in "Absolute Time". The note above about Snap not working in absolute time mode still applies.
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