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Q. What is FireWire Target Mode?eos


A. In one sentence; FireWire Target Mode allows a Macintosh with a FireWire port to be used by another Macintosh as an external FireWire disk drive using a simple, standard, FireWire cable.

This sounds like a way to turn a very expensive computer into a cheap FireWire drive, and in essence it is, but it's only set up like that for short term use to move files between the two computer. In particular, if software doesn’t require itself to be installed on the boot drive, FireWire Target Mode offers a method of installing software that comes on a CD or DVD to be install on a computer that may not have such a drive, or one in which the drive is broken.

How to set up FireWire Target Mode:

  1. Makes sure ALL FireWire devices are unpluged from both computers.
  2. Make sure the Target Computer is Turned Off (The host computer need not be powered down)
  3. Connect both computers with a 6 pin FireWire cable
  4. Turn on the Target Computer and immediately hold down the "T" key until the FireWire symbol appears on the monitor

The target computer will now appear on the host computer as a FireWIre drive.

When you are finished using Target Disk Mode, drag the FireWire drive on the desktop to the trash, and then hold down the Target Computer's Power button until that machine turns off. Remove the FireWire cable and you are done.

NOTE: You can not mount an intel based Mac on a host computer running Mac OS X 10.3.9 or earlier!
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