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Q. Is it possible to record multiple times within a region to build complex sets of notes, one pass at a time?
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A. Yes, on a "Software" track, but you have to use the Cycle Region function, and you can't stop and restart the recording process. You can record as many passes as you like, but once you stop recording, starting again will overwrite what was there from previous recording. If you miss your cue during a pass, just let it go and begin playing on the next pass.

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GarageBand 4 ('08) (And Later) offers an option in this regard,
you can either use the above method of "Cycle Recording", or you can use the Multi Take functionality. To have GarageBand behave the same way as the older versions, make sure that "Cycle Recording" is selected in GarageBand's prefs.

NOTE: Multi Take recording is available to BOTH "Real" as well as "Software" tracks (The old method is still restricted to "Software" Tracks only).
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GarageBand from Apple Computer uses audio loops and MIDI loops in Apple Loops format. It can work with Audio Units plug-ins. Apple Macintosh Compatible FireWire and USB interfaces can be used to connect Audio and MIDI instruments to your Mac, and be recorded into GarageBand.

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