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Q. Does GarageBand support multiple time signatures in a project?


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A. No, GarageBand versions 1 through 10 have all been restricted to a single time signature per project, however that doesn't mean you can't create a song that has multiple time signatures within it...

The time signature of a project will restrict the loops that are displayed in the loop browser to the same meter as the project, and the grid and score view may look a little odd, but the time signature itself doesn't restrict what you record, or add to the project as a whole.

As an example lets say you have a composition that starts in 4/4 time, then changes to 3/4, and then back to 4/4. If you're playing everything live, you could simply play in 4/4, 3/4, and 4/4 without paying any regard to how GB is set. If you need the score, grid, or loops of different time signatures, set the project to 4/4 time, record that part, then set it to 3/4 and record that part, and then back to 4/4 for the final bit. Changing the time signature will not change how GB plays the music back, it's only really useful during composing (or printing a score, unfortunately)

See this entry to find out how to set and change the time signature of a project in GarageBand version 10
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