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Q. Can I plug my electric guitar into my Mac to record in GarageBand?
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A. In general, no, not if you want good results. Most Macs have a Line-Level input and a guitar’s output, called Instrument-Level, isn’t "loud" enough (unless it has an active pickup, one which takes a battery). You really need a Preamp, USB Interface, or FireWire interface of some sort. And even at that, to really capture the sound of a guitar the preferred method is to use a Microphone with an interface, and mic your guitar amp.

The only exception...

so far reported, is that the iMac G5 has a built in preamp on it's line-in. I can't confirm this, or know if any other machine has one, but several users have reported it to be so with the iMac G5. Bottomline is that for the cost of an adapter, a few dollars, it wouldn't hurt to try it and see if it's good enough for your needs, just don't expect great results.
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GarageBand from Apple Computer uses audio loops and MIDI loops in Apple Loops format. It can work with Audio Units plug-ins. Apple Macintosh Compatible FireWire and USB interfaces can be used to connect Audio and MIDI instruments to your Mac, and be recorded into GarageBand.

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