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Q. What does locking a track in Apple's GarageBand actually do?
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A. Let's start off with how GarageBand works without locking. When GarageBand plays a "Software" track it has to generate the instrument, play the notes, and then apply any effects you've added, as it's playing (real time). This takes a lot of CPU power. When playing a "Real" track it doesn't have to create the instrument, which is much less work, but it still has to create and apply the effects in Real Time.

When you Lock a track,

all the work of creating any instrument or rendering any effect is done at that time, and saved to disk as a new (higher resolution, 32-bit [Significantly larger]) file. When you play this locked track, all GarageBand has to do is read it from disc and play it. This is significatly less load on the processor, which can allow you to do much more with GarageBand. Note that this does increase demand on the speed of your hard drive, machines with slower drives, like laptops, can experience bandwidth issues while trying to read large amounts of data from disk, especially due to the large file size of the Freeze Files (this issue can be overcome with the addition of a fast external FireWire hard drive).
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Q. When you say it saves a file to disk, is my original recording lost? unlockingtracks

A. No, a new file is saved, and used, only as long as you leave the track locked. Once unlocked, GarageBand uses your original recording, or MIDI track, which you can then further modify and re-lock if you desire.



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GarageBand from Apple Computer uses audio loops and MIDI loops in Apple Loops format. It can work with Audio Units plug-ins. Apple Macintosh Compatible FireWire and USB interfaces can be used to connect Audio and MIDI instruments to your Mac, and be recorded into GarageBand.

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