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Q. What's new in GarageBand for iPad?

iLife '11

A. Since this is the first release of GarageBad for iPad, EVERYTHING is new, and there are many exciting features.

To start with there's a whole range of what Apple is calling Touch Instruments: "a collection of highly expressive musical instruments designed for Multi-Touch that sound and play just like their real counterparts, but let you do things you could never do on a real instrument."

You'll find acoustic drum kits that all produce different sounds depending on where, and how hard you tap on them, or use electronic drums inspired by the classic Drum Machine.

Keyboards include a Grand Piano, an Organ, and Synthesizer, each of which is touch sensitive (Tap harder to play louder...), and the Synths include more than 70 modern and vintage synth sounds, from synth strongs to basses, and more. There's even a built in Arpeggiator to help you create coplex riffs and melodies.

For the Non-Musician, or the musician that's always wanted to be able to play a different instrument, Apple has instroduced Smart Instruments, including Smart Guitars, Smart Keyboards, Smart Bass, and Smart Drums. These instruments make it difficult, or even impossible to play a bad note or chord.

GarageBand for iPad even includes an 8-Track mixing console to layer and fine tune your recordings.

Plus you're not limited to the software instruments included with GBi, with a suitable interface such as the iRig for iPad, you can plug in a guitar and play through various Amps and Stomp boxes to add to your recordings.

And for that final touch, if you need a little more than GarageBand for iPad offers, for instance more tracks, you can share the project file back to your Mac, and open it with GarageBand version 6.0.2 (or Later).
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GarageBand from Apple Computer uses audio loops and MIDI loops in Apple Loops format. It can work with Audio Units plug-ins. Apple Macintosh Compatible FireWire and USB interfaces can be used to connect Audio and MIDI instruments to your Mac, and be recorded into GarageBand.

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