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QD FOnt Tester Screen Shot


The Quick & Dirty Font Viewer is a simple way to see what the available fonts on your iOS device (or simulator) actually look like. Provision it for your device, or use the LiveCode Simulate button in the IDE. Scroll through and tap a FontFamily in the left-hand pane, then select a FontName and/or size in the right-hand frame to see the sample display in the top field.





f=Font Tester IconAlong with the Quick & Dirty app is a Quick & Dirty icon for the iOS springboard. It's included in the .zip file containing the app, below. I hope you find the app useful.



The Q&D Font Viewer is freeware, use it and enjoy.

  Template Installer Icon

Download Q&D Font Viewer (v1.0.0)










LiveCode from RunRev empowers you to develop applications that run in any environment (Mac, Windows,Linux,iOS, android), using a fast and easy compile-free workflow. At its core, LiveCode’s compile-free workflow allows you to achieve your project goals in a fraction of the time. LiveCode uses a very high level, English-like language which makes writing readable code easy and painless. And our flexible delivery options allow you to reuse the same code across multiple devices and platforms from a single code base.

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HT's Q&D Font Viewer for iOS

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