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This LiveCode Plug-In gives you a quick way to resize an existing stack, or create a new mainStack in any of the standard iOS sizes for a Standard iPhone/iPod, a Retina iPhone/iPod, or iPad display, with or without the StatusBar being visible.

If the Auto CLose checkBox is checked, the app will close and remove itself from memory after you use the OK, or New buttons



Drop it into your Plug-Ins folder for easy access.





The iOS Sizer Plug-In is freeware, use it and enjoy.

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Download the iOS Sizer Plug-In (v1.0ß)










LiveCode from RunRev empowers you to develop applications that run in any environment (Mac, Windows,Linux,iOS, android), using a fast and easy compile-free workflow. At its core, LiveCode’s compile-free workflow allows you to achieve your project goals in a fraction of the time. LiveCode uses a very high level, English-like language which makes writing readable code easy and painless. And our flexible delivery options allow you to reuse the same code across multiple devices and platforms from a single code base.

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HT's iOS Sizer

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