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...there came the day that Hangtime posted a new image in the forum.   I was updating the "Amazing Images" area of my site and I asked him for permission to use a thumbnail of this image so I could link to his gallery.  His reply was, "I have no gallery, my images are scattered over the forum."...

Thus was the beginning of a plan to repay Hangtime for all the things that he had done for the Bryce community.  From the Forum to the Select Gallery..and more, he has given freely to keep the Bryce Community strong.  How could someone so well known NOT have a gallery?  I began sending out emails to people I knew would be interested in showing the same gratitude that I feel for his efforts.  I knew there would be many who would love to contribute, but I didn't want to spend forever writing emails and waiting on responses, so only a few emails were sent.

I asked several people for their help.

M. Surges
Pale Scotia
To read their comments and contributions, click a name.

One and all gave valuable colors, information, ideas, or models that allowed this site to come to life.  I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank them in making this site.  Some may feel they didn't contribute much, but even an "idea" is sometimes invaluable.  With their ideas and contributions, I have to say that I'm quite envious of the layout and design of this site (even though I did a lot of it)'s one of the classiest sites I've ever seen.

...with that, I would like to offer this site as a small gift to Hangtime.   We started this, but this is your baby now.  You now have no excuse to say " I don't have a gallery." 

( I will of course help fill the last six images in the gallery interfaces when you get some more images. )


Brycetech 4/29/00

Gunther---Contributions--The space on a server and a personalized domain.

Brycetech contacted me with the idea for this site.

I was quite snowed under with work, so I could not contribute much time, but I was able to provide the server space and to register a domain name for "Hangtime".  I feel he should have had a Web Gallery long ago. But being always there for everybody else, solving their problems and encouraging them to carry on has taken up all his time.

Thank You, HangTime!

M. Surges---  Contributions--Ideas and colors

To my mind, HT, the man and the artist, represents the best of the Bryce community and what it is about. His talent and ability displays what magic can be created in this program. His genuine caring, time, and generosity has been there for each member of the forum, especially in times of need. And his intelligence and insane sense of humor has kept it all fun. I am proud to point to him as one of the leaders of the Bryce world, and while his statement that "the Forum is my gallery" was fitting, it was no longer enough. So, here's to HT. (raises a beer in salute)

Darlisa---Contributions--Ideas, Ashtray with cigarette, Napkin images and font

Without Hangtime, the Bryce Forum would not be the great place that it is. Even with the friendliest and most helpful folks around, we still need someone to keep us in line sometimes, give that extra nudge and clean up the mess we left in a message thread. When BryceTech suggested a site for HangTime and the name 'Hangtime's Doodles', I immediately suggested using a bar scene (HT's most famous image) with napkins lying around and 'doodles' on them. I scanned in a napkin, used a font that looked like someone had been doodling on them and built an ashtray with some ashes in it and a cigarette dangling on the edge and sent them on their way. Just my little bit to say "Thanks for everything, Hangtime."

Darlisa Riggs


It began with an idea from Brycetech.... several of us were asked to contribute, and of course we jumped at the idea. I was unable to contribute much to the completion of the site for personal reasons, other than providing moral support and remembering a couple of Hang's old images... Hang, enjoy it, you deserve it.


Hanley--Contribution--Ideas and found many of HT's images at the forum

I guess out of this bunch, I'm the newest to the Bryce Forum. Until the end of last year, I just thought there was only the Bryce Gallery. :)

Ok, I'm a little slow! Anyway, for some reason, I clicked that little BBS button in the gallery and wound up signing up for the Forum. I think it was the best thing I've done online yet!! I remember asking someone in chat, "Who's that Hangtime character?" :) Then I found our he was THE MAN!!

Wow, what a task to run the forum, and to do it SO well! Everywhere you look Ht is complementing, suggesting, and doing whatever he can to welcome newcomers and help regulars out with their artwork. That's a task in itself to keep up with! :) (Along with just a handful of others who know who they are!!) hehe

I'd only seen a couple of pictures that Ht had done, and I was shocked to find out that he didn't have a gallery to show off his wonderful work. But, I can understand with him running the Forum. So, when "BT" suggested this idea, I was all for it. I started looking for images that Ht had done, and the ones I found DEFINITELY needed to be put on display. So, here they are! :) Enjoy!!


Karen--Contributions--Ideas and Quarters

This site was created because some of us love HT's work and want to see it shared more freely. Not only that, we love HT. He's one of us, the Delphi people, the host of the forum. He's there for chat, there for comments and critiques, there just to listen. What did I add? Not much, and I still feel like a dork. Just a touch of pocket change. Outside issues (ISP trouble, overtime, etc.) kept me from contributing fully. But at least I got to toss in my two cents, so to speak.



Gabriel--Contributions--Ideas and the lighter

I cannot think of a better name to dedicate this site to than to Hangtime. He has always been a source of inspiration and support for me, organizing chats, moderating the forum, giving constructive critique to those who needed it, and the list goes on. This is just our small way of saying "Thank you" for all he has contributed to us.

Due to the restrictions of time, I could not help out as much as I planned to, but I hope the thought still counts.

Cheers, Gabriel

Pale Scotia--Contributions--Coding ideas

Hehehe, *rubs hands* "JavaScript, JavaScript everywhere...!!"

Only too happy to provide the bones of the script effects. As "BT" found out, making them work can be a balding procedure! Enjoy!


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